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Organisation and Management Technology (OMT) as it’s core competence focusses on the development of cutting edge technology to assist the management of organisations in Strategy, Performance management, Talent management, Psychometrics, Assessment centres and Management development. To this end, OMT has developed the EvaleX Intellectual Capital Management System comprising of  an “Eco-System” of modules aimed at managing Intellectual Capital and in particular Human Capital. In browsing this website, the reader will find information on a wide variety of solutions offered by OMT.

Why Evalex

How does EvaleX differentiate from the competitors?

There are many talent management, assessment and leadership development suppliers in the market. What makes EvaleX different and why should you read more about their solutions. At Organisation and Management Technologies our raison de etre is to provide the market with cutting edge technology to deal with Talent management. The following are the aspects we feel sets us apart from the others.

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