• As position levels increase in terms of complexity, so does the requirement for management competence, strategic capacity and emotional maturity.  EvaleX40’s EvaleX Business Simulation, measuring the strength of these three constructs, achieved very high predictive validity in this regard.  The EBS proved to be very accurate in predicting at what level of work a person can potentially function.
  • Different position levels require different levels of cognitive functioning in line with the increase of complexity.  There exists a direct correlation between increase in position complexity and increase in cognitive capacity.  This is a very powerful conclusion as both the BCT and OIS shows this.  This is confirmed by multiple studies on different samples all yielding the same results.
  • Potential to function at ever increasing levels of complexity is not only an issue of Cognitive functioning.  Personality, Values, Styles and Interest also play a role in the statement about somebody’s potential and talent.  Multiple studies using different samples indicate that the majority of EvaleX20 dimensions differentiate significantly between Position levels.
  • Across multiple studies, there exist a number of Personality, Values, Styles and Interest dimensions that always correlate with performance and position level.  It is very significant that when for example Need for Control correlates with Position Level in one study, that that same finding is replicated and confirmed in multiple other studies using different samples and population groups.  It speaks to the “universality” of certain human characteristics in their association with success as measured through high performance and through career advancement.
  • The findings of all studies confirm the notion held for many years by OMT and EvaleX that a holistic assessment solution needs to be followed.  Considering that the consistent predictors of performance and potential across all studies include cognitive dimensions, personality traits, work styles, values and interests it further confirms that EvaleX20 presents a very powerful combination of assessment tools, each and every one with significant predictive ability.
  • The research strongly suggests that each level of work requires a unique “constellation” of dimensions.  A coming together of traits, styles, values and interests that in that perfect combination or constellations produces high performance and potential.
  • The studies discussed in this document serve to provide evidence of EvaleX Assessment System’s ability to predict both “performance” and “potential”.  Potential in terms of the ability to progress to ever more senior roles of management and to deal with increasing levels of complexity and performance in a given position type.
  • The EvaleX Talent management module uses this research as a basis for defining the talent classifications of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron.  Significant differences in the distribution of talent at each position level have been found.
  • Research into the predictive validity of the EvaleX Competence Inventory showed a correlation of 0,33 to 0,50 between ECI results and performance in a sample of 519 high and low performers.  This finding makes a strong case for the assessment of Business and Technical competencies during selection and promotional decisions.