Save over 75% on recruitment costs with video interviewing

Odyssey Talent Management has designed an ROI calculator to help quantify the actual savings that can be made by using the VIA video interviewing application. The calculator factors in the time and cost associated with each person involved in the traditional hiring process. It then compares the total with the costs involved when using VIA.

In the example below you will see the typical market-related salaries of people normally involved in interviews – the administrator, the HR professional and the hiring manager. These salaries are broken down into hourly rates, and then multiplied by the number of hours each of these people takes to conduct interviews in the traditional way.

The table compares these results with the cost of doing video interviews, with the ROI table appearing below.

In the example, video interviewing saves up to 77% on the total hiring cost. It also frees up plenty of time for your team to focus on other tasks and leads to and improved candidate experience.

For more information on the Odyssey Talent Management ROI calculator, contact [email protected].

You can download the calculator in Excel format here.

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