Evalex to participate in SA’s largest HR event

Evalex’s Pieter and Hendrik Bronkhorst are excited to be presenting at the upcoming HR + L&D Innovation and Tech Fest, which takes place at the Maslow in Sandton and online on 15 and 16 August 2022.  Evalex is also sponsoring the notebooks for the festival, which is touted as “the biggest and fastest growing HR event in South Africa, where a vibrant community of HR people, thought-leaders and experts come together to share knowledge, experience and innovation.”

“Participating in an event of this nature is an exciting first for us at Evalex,” says MD Hendrik Bronkhorst. “We will be showcasing our new Elea offering: an AI-driven leadership development programme that presents a unique recipe for leadership success based on the high-performance leadership DNA inherent to most successful business leaders.”

Evalex research into the phenomenon of high impact corporate leadership over the past 40 years has resulted in many interesting findings and conclusions.

“One such finding was that most of the leaders that we read and hear about and admire in terms of how they build businesses and create employment, had multiple mentors and role models that helped shape their leadership styles, approaches and behaviours,” says Hendrik. “These leaders were fortunate enough to have had the privilege of reporting to, working with or having been in a position to relate to healthy and positive role models and mentors.”

But not all current and potential leaders in our society have had the privilege of role models, mentors or opportunities for leadership development.

“There is an urgent need to identify and develop leaders to help grow businesses, which in turn stimulates the economy, creating meaningful employment towards the attainment of a healthy society,” says Hendrik.

In addressing this need to place a solution in the market that can scale the opportunities for leadership development, Evalex Talent Solutions developed the AI driven Evalex Leadership Evolution and Acceleration programme (Elea).

Elea engages leaders in online development interventions and allows them to reassess progress against development areas on a continuous basis.

“The Elea programme is unique in that it does not put across outdated management concepts, removed from reality and which only exist in textbooks,” says Hendrik. “Rather, it presents the latest and freshest observations of leadership functioning within a business context, highly relevant to today, and based on the reality of what leaders are actually doing (practical), not what they should be doing (theoretical).”

Read more about Elea here and sign up for the conference here.

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