Why Evalex?

Experience and track record.

Evalex has a proud 35+ year track record in helping organisations with talent management solutions. During this time we have been exposed to clients in almost all industries, have interfaced with almost every existing market solution and offering. We understand their respective advantages and limitations. This enables us to walk into your organisation and very quickly appraise where you are and what the next steps should be in moving to industry best practice.

Thought leadership.

When it comes to talent solutions – be it leadership assessment tools, assessment systems, performance management, 360 assessments or culture surveys – we offer frame-breaking solutions that take the talent industry to a new level.


We invest so much in technology and our systems offer such rich functionality that we sometimes think that we are a technology company rather than a bunch of organisation psychologists. We have a dedicated unit of software engineers in our team, as well as own our own intellectual property. This is in contrast to most of our competitors, who use outsourced capabilities or peddle other people’s systems.

Qualified, experienced consultants.

Our consultants are either registered psychometrists or psychologists. They are continuously involved in significant research projects and normally attend two accredited industry conferences per year.


Research is one of our core processes. Developing new psychological tests is one of our core functions and requires a stringent framework of research to be followed. At any point in time we are involved in multiple research projects covering topics such as:

  • The characteristics of high impact corporate leaders
  • Industry leadership frameworks: For instance, what are the characteristics of leaders who excel in the banking industry versus the engineering industry. The outcomes of our research have helped us to define a number of industry-specific leadership frameworks
  • What new competencies, never assessed before, would drive job performance today as opposed to a previous era? We have identified quite a number of new competencies and developed new questionnaires and techniques to assess them
  • The psychology of high performance: What causes some individuals to outperform others? What are the characteristics that leads to high performance?
  • The relative power of different assessment tools to predict potential and future performance. Does cognition trump personality in predicting potential, or do assessment centre competencies trump both in predicting potential?

Social responsibility.

We are very aware of the role we need to play in the current South African economy. We strive for the highest BEE certification, not because we have to but because we believe that the BBBEE framework is not just a legal requirement but a way of life. Companies should do what this framework requires without having to be asked to do it. They should want to do it because it is the right and moral thing to do. This is how companies should be run. We are proud of two aspects in this regard. The one is our development cycling team. The second is that we believe our employees should share in the profits of the organisation. We have two schemes here. The one is a monthly profit share scheme and the other is an employee trust that holds 26% of our shares.

Product development.

Evalex is a product development house. We have developed our own psychometric tools in the areas of cognition, personality, styles, values, interests, technical competencies and assessment centre simulations, all of which are well researched with proven validity and reliability and widely used in the industry

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