Evalex Profiling System

The Evalex Job Profiling module, part of the larger Talent Management System, intuitively work-flows the user through a well thought out process.

It starts by creating and naming the position. Then the user can follow a number of options depending on required detail and customisation:

  1. Choose to define performance management deliverables or skip. Should this be chosen
    • Add outputs and deliverables or
    • Import from existing job templates.
    • Output is a job performance management scorecard based on the “balanced scorecard”
  2.  Choose to define competence profile.
    • Quick create: Choose the nature of the work to be performed and the system auto-populates the job profile with the competencies required to perform the task. The system also indicates which psychometric tools are required to assess the competencies.
    • Import form other positions: As you profile roles, no need to re-invent the wheel every time. Simply import and set new weightings.
    • Build from scratch: This allows for a customised profile unique from most other positions.
    • Output is a comprehensive competence profile against which competencies can be assessed.

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