Evalex Competence Inventory

The Evalex Competence Inventory (ECI) and Evalex Competence Map (ECM) are the two options available when using the Evalex Competence system for recruitment and selection or skills audits.

For skills audits against specific roles the process starts by formulating a company competence library. This involves creating your company in our system and importing from the main library those competencies that drive success in your culture. The next step is to create the positions in the system and profile them in terms of the competence requirements. The system then auto-generates the competence questionnaire based on the profiled position and the candidate completes the assessment. Once assessed, multiple report formats are available. A job-fit report indicating position fit, an interviewer report to facilitate recruitment interviews, a development report and many more.

ECM is a revolutionary way of determining whether a candidate or applicant has the required competencies for the job and makes comparisons across candidates very easy.

Why do you have to invest time reading through multiple CVs to extract the competence range and level of an applicants if the ECM can generate CVs that are instantly comparable to each other and the job? ECM guides the applicant to describe his/her competencies according to the competence requirements of the job, rather than chronologically.

Let us take the example of a financial position. For each candidate the ECM provides a visually appealing diagram or map of all the competencies in a financial department and, in heat-map format, highlight the extent of experience and level of experience of the candidate in each. Visualise a road map of a city, where the main arterial roads are highlighted in bold in different colours and you get the idea of the ECM. The system makes it really easy to look at the competencies in a sub-section of finance to see if the candidate fits, where else in finance s/he has got experience and to compare different candidates with each other. The roadmap looks the same, but the highlighted paths and routes are different for each individual.

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