Levels of Work

Evalex’s assessment solutions have been designed and developed to assess key drivers of performance at the seven levels of work identified by Elliot Jacques.

Jacques is the renowned author and creator of the theory of Stratified Systems Thinking (SST). This ground-breaking contribution towards understanding the nature of work – and how systems operate at different levels of management – has had a profound influence on the talent management process.
SST emerged a few decades ago and has stood the test of time as one of the cornerstone theories in organisation development.

Jacques identified seven levels of work as depicted in the diagram below. Evalex has developed assessment solutions to cover the total reach of all seven levels. The purpose of each solution is to assess the behaviour required for success at each successive level.levels-of-workThe Evalex assessment solutions are based on the Stratified Systems Thinking, but we have a number of tools that aim at assessing both the level of a position and the ability of the individual to function at a required level.

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