Organisation Design Product

The outcome of the organisation design workshop described in the systems section, based on the theoretical frameworks discussed in the framework section, leads to a very specific product that may have far reaching implications for organisation design changes.

The exercise results in a new organisation structure with job titles, reporting lines and job grading. It then becomes the CEO and executive committee’s role to gradually migrate to the new design.

The key aspect of the new design is a structure aligned with your company’s targeted delivery of products and solutions to the market. It is designed to include tasks and deliverables aligned with the stratified systems level of work theory, which allows you to undertake a major clean-up of management levels.

When combining this solution with the Evalex Leadership Assessment, another alignment of managers to job complexity takes place, which has a positive impact on your cost structure. Once managers are aligned with job levels according to competencies, you will find out who is being overpaid or underpaid in relation to their human capital value to your organisation.

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