High Performance Organisational Culture

High performance organisations are characterised by strong organisational cultures. Building a robust and relevant corporate culture is one of the most crucial organisational development interventions.But how do we go about doing it? How do those very successful industry leading companies achieve a strong organisational culture?

interventionEvalex Culture is the solution we offer.

Evalex has done comprehensive research into the organisational values of the top four companies in the world in each of eight industries. We distilled the values that are common to all 32 of the value frameworks into one final, authoritative framework of values.

In this way our research has isolated the key drivers of a winning culture. After an initial assessment, our sophisticated culture survey software is able to track organisational culture automatically in the background on a monthly or quarterly basis. This analysis provides an accurate indication of how your culture is evolving, allowing you to track its progress in relation to where you would like it to be. You can choose between our best-of-breed surveys or we can build your unique values system into the software solution.

The off-the-rack system is more than acceptable for most of our clients. However, our approach and systems are extremely flexible and we have the core competence within our organisation to quickly and effectively distil your organisation’s specific values. Once we have completed this exercise we can translate your values into a culture/values questionnaire that can be built into the Evalex Culture system to measure and monitor your culture and values.

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