The EvaleX20 is a psychometric test battery consisting of 7 instruments (Cognition, Business Knowledge, Personality, Work Styles, Values, Interests (2), assessing 68 key dimensions covering a full range of performance predictors in one seamless on-line assessment battery where results are available immediately and incorporated into the EvaleX Talent Eco System. It provides a high level of prediction and includes typical Archetypes, Styles, Performance Inhibitors and Enhancers, Potential and Leadership Indicators, Job-Fit and Talent Mapping while significatly reducing the cost of the assessment process.

Measuring five Human Constructs

The human psychology is quite complex and consists of a number of constructs. Evalex recognised this and in the Evalex20 designed a solution that measures 5 Human Constructs. 5-human-constructs-that-drive-high-performance_web

To make a final decision about an individual whether for purposes of decision to employe, promote or develop, assessing just one or two of these construct could never provide the rich tapestry required for informed, qualitative decision making.

The Evalex20 includes two cognitive tests, as well as personality, work styles, values and interest questionnaires:

  • Cognitive: Business Comprehension Test (BCT)
  • Cognitive: Organisation Insight Scale (OIS)
  • Personality: Organisation Personality Construct Scale (OPCS) with three sub-scales for Personality, Styles and Values.
  • Operational Interests: Work Orientation Scale (WOS)
  • Strategic Interests: Work Type Orientation Scale (WTOS)

Our research has found, using factor analysis that the 68 assessed dimension are then combine into 5 competency domains.

The individual needs to have the cognitive ability to effectively deal with the complexity of the role, the Thinking styles to process information, needs to Engage with others in the organisation, Deliver on job mandates and need some desirable Personal traits.

These five constructs in turn lead to 14 behavioural competenevalex-theory-of-high-performance_webcies.

This approach lead us to define the following Behavioural Competence Framework.

When to use Evalex20

Evalex20 is applicable to SST levels 2,0 to 2,5. As these roles start moving into the junior management and professional domains, we need data on:

  • Cognitive ability at the level of work complexity
  • The required personality traits for the job
  • Interest in the required work or tasks to be performed, which gives an indication of motivation
  • Preferred work styles
  • Business acumen
  • Values



Multiple research studies have shown high predictive validity as well as reliability. The most interesting statistic though is the predictive index of Evalex20. In the graphic the strong slope in the correlation calculation shows clearly how people with higher scores on the Evalex20 perform at higher levels of job complexity. This equated to a correlation coefficient of 0,50.










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