High Impact Corporate Leadership

high-impactSince our launch in 1980, our team has assessed the leadership competencies, thought leadership, emotional maturity, cognitive abilities, personality, styles and interests of around 10 000 leaders from 500+ organisations in more than 30 countries. In the process we have been exposed to good and bad leaders in organisations with both high and low growth indicators. Using data gathered from these assessments, plus a dedicated research study involving 300 CEOs of high performance organisations, we have developed a bespoke programme for the assessment and development of high impact corporate leaders in the modern world of work.

As part of our research we studied the characteristics of those executives who had escalated to senior roles and had had significant impact on their organisations. We unpacked these observations to isolate the generic competencies, thought processes, behavioural patterns, personality traits, managerial styles, management processes and practices of highly successful, top-level business leaders and managers, who we call high impact corporate leaders. At a sufficient level of abstraction, these business leaders and their organisations have a lot in common with each other, irrespective of country of operation, job type or industry.

Our theory on high impact corporate leadership serves as the foundation upon which the Evalex Leadership Assessment Programme and Masters of Management Programme were modelled.

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