EvaleX30 Evalex35 and Evalex40

What is Evalex30

The EvaleX30/40 is an Intergrated Assessment Center and Psychometric test battery consisting of the EvaleX Business Simulator (EBS) and the Evalex20 Psychometric Battery assessing 6 Key Leadership Situations over 100 key dimensions covering a full range of performance predictors in one seamless on-line assessment battery using Projective Techniques. Like all of the EvaleX solutions it is incorporated into the EvaleX Talent Eco System.

The EvaleX30/40 is based on extensive research into the factors that predict High Impact Corporate Leadership. The research has indicated that high performing managers tend to be competent in handling the following key managerial events:


The difference between the three products are:

  • Evalex30: 4 EBS simulations plus Psychometrics.
  • Evalex35: 5 EBS simulations plus Psychometrics.
  • Evalex35: 6 EBS simulations plus Psychometrics.

When to use Evalex30

levels-of-workFor recruitment, promotional and development decisions from middle management (work level 3) upward to CEO level (work level 5-6)


A large number of research studies spanning the past 10 years have repeatedly confirmed the correlation coefficient of the Evalex Business Simulation at a range between 0,55-0,65 with reliability in the order of 0,90.

When combining the EBS with the Evalex Psychometrics we have found a 90% accuracy in predicting job level and performance.

In a longitudinal study within a large financial institution where just over 100 appointments were made over a three year period based on Evalex35, it was found that 80% of those individuals recommended through Evalex ended up in the top 20% of performers in 6 consecutive performance reviews. Of those individuals appointed despite a recommendation from Evalex as to unsuitability, 90% ended up in the bottom 10% or had to be dismissed.

Prediction of level of work

A perception in the market exists that only cognitive tests can be used to prefour-assessment-constructsdict the work level at which an individual can function at. In this process the power of assessment centre technology may be under-estimated. In a regression analysis involving just over 700 leaders from multiple organisations, it was found that the EBS had double the predictive validity of personality tests and 4 times the predictive validity of Cognitive tests.

Our research has further found multiple cases of managers and technical staff with high cognitive scores under-performing. When they then complete the EBS the scores were commensurate with the low performance level.

Should the EBS have been done from the start, the client company would probably not have appointed or promoted these individuals.

The EBS mirrors job performance at a 90%. So good performance in the EBS translates to good performance on the job and vice-versa.








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