Personality: Organisation Personality Construct Scale

Nature of questionnaire: A questionnaire querying the respondent on 13 personality traits, nine preferred works styles, and eight values and beliefs.

Purpose: To compare the applicant or incumbent’s personality, work style and values profile against the position requirements. In this way, those with the natural inclination, given the position requirements, will be appointed. This leads to higher work productivity, less fatigue, fewer errors and less frustration and job stress. For people already in a given position, feedback on the questionnaire results may help to understand performance issues and institute a personal development process to develop required characteristics.

Personality dimensions:

The following behavioural dimensions are assessed:

  • Influence and assert
  • Relate and affiliate
  • Own and control
  • Structure and order
  • Goal focus and persistence
  • Connect and interact
  • Conscientious and reliable
  • Immerse and understand
  • Strive and challenge
  • Change and adapt
  • Calm and composed
  • Grow and learn
  • Positive and enthusiastic

Work styles:

The following work styles are assessed:

  • Creating and innovating
  • Sourcing and investigating
  • Evaluating and judging
  • Initiating and shaping
  • Integrating and collaborating
  • Organising and coordinating
  • Doing and delivering
  • Supporting and assisting


The following values are assessed:

  • Urgent and fast paced
  • Directional and prescriptive
  • Conceptual and strategic
  • Unconventional and radical
  • Qualitative and thorough
  • Expand and invest
  • Consult and include
  • Inform and communicate
  • Conflict engagement and resolution

Deliverable: A five-page report, indicating each dimension measured in the form of a bar chart, with descriptions interpreting low and high scores.

Question type: The OPCS consists of 276 paired statements and the respondent needs to choose the one statement in the pair that s/he believes is most descriptive of him/herself. The length of the questionnaire contributes to the extremely high reliability coefficients achieved.

Duration: One hour

Application: Useful in making promotional, placement, or selection decisions, in developmental situations as well as diagnosing performance problems and interpersonal conflicts. Applicable to staff at all levels, with a minimum requirement of English literacy at secondary school level.

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