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Does your competence framework tick all the boxes when it comes to developing current and future leaders? Are you able to assess competencies across industries and levels of work, as well as in all verticals, within any organisation, using a single, integrated system?

In any organisation, a good competence framework is key when it comes to recruiting, assessing and developing leaders. The Evalex Leadership Framework is one of the most carefully considered and researched frameworks available to organisations today. It was developed by experienced organisational and industrial psychologists.

The Evalex Leadership Framework is based on the premise that your organisation aims to appoint managers and leaders who will have a clear and significantly positive impact on the environments in which you deploy them. They need to impact the processes, people and customers within the domain of their responsibilities.

Our research indicates that high impact corporate leaders tend to show superior competence in dealing with six key situations or events:

  • Problem analysis and decision making
  • Function management
  • Project management
  • Staff management
  • Client management
  • Interactive management

They tend to distinguish themselves in these situations, where they present a uniquely woven tapestry of competence, thought leadership and emotional maturity.


Leadership is all about how effectively we deal with and manage key events. Situations we are presented with on a daily basis, and the accumulation of the incremental additional efficiency that great leaders add to every event, culminate in a visibly distinguished high performance organisation.

The graphic below shows the levels of competence achieved at different management levels.


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Evalex 360 Leadership framework

The Evalex 360 Leadership Framework is the culmination of extensive research into the value systems and cultural properties of the 4 leading global companies across 8 industries. The distilled essence of these 32 companies was blended with our experience in culture projects within our client companies resulting in the formulation of 5 domains and 19 competencies and the design of a 360 questionnaire enabling a leadership assessment and development process.

The Evalex 360 Leadership Framework is built on the 19 competencies that are prevalent in most jobs, especially360-frameworky in leadership roles. Each competency is classified according to five domains – thought, execution, people, self and customers – each of which clearly differentiates the main elements of business. They can even be linked to a balanced scorecard.

Competencies are broken down into descriptive facets, which in turn are described according to four levels of work. Of the 19 competencies, nine are aligned to levels ranging from operational to junior, middle and senior leadership. The other 10 competencies are more closely aligned with leadership roles, with levels ranging from junior to executive leadership. The definitions of each competence, facet and level make observation and measurement of the described behaviour easy to carry out.


Key differentiators

The Evalex Enabling Competence Framework:

  • is not specific to a company, industry, or domain of work (e.g. IT)
  • can be applied to all jobs at all levels, ensuring consistency and comparison
  • focuses on how competence may be observed and defined differently at different levels within an organisation
  • is defined according to levels of work – building relationships at a senior executive level is vastly different from building relationships at an entry level
  • is defined in context – on the understanding that relationships with colleagues, customers and employees exist in different spaces
  • defines behaviours in a way that is specific, tangible and observable
  • allows competencies to be easily assessed using assessment centre technology, 360° methodologies or psychometrics
  • has been developed according to international standards by industrial and organisational psychologists, who bring a wealth of knowledge about behavioural definition and measurement, construct creation, work sampling and other techniques to bear on the competence framework




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