Strategy Facilitation and Review

The Evalex Strategy solution consists of three phases. Phase one involves a range of half-day exercises, each designed to analyse the business from a uniquely different perspective. An analogy would be to take different snapshots of the business from multiple angles. The outcome of this set of exercises is a wealth of information about your company and your competitors.

Phase two translates the information gathered during phase one into a strategic blueprint, which provides a distinct definition of the strategic themes or programmes to initiate (usually between four and six).

Phase three involves translating the strategic programmes into the next level of granularity, formulating strategic projects for each programme and translating strategic imperatives into the top teams’ performance contracts.

The Evalex Strategy process requires commitment and time investment – between six and eight days of intervention-time – to succeed. At the end of the process, though, the results are worth it. The system has been instrumental in dozens of successful corporate recovery projects and has directed the strategic actions of scores of organisations and business units.

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