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Because they are so cumbersome and expensive, most companies do culture surveys either once or very infrequently. The reasons are as follows:

  • External consultants are usually contracted to do them, adding huge cost to the project
  • Questionnaires used are proprietary to the consultants and difficult to re-use without involving them again
  • The data collection process is often a manual questionnaire to fill out or where automated, the system does not integrate with other talent management systems
  • The data collection process is followed with the time consuming task of data integration to produce a report
  • The report often comments on the culture from an overall point of view, without specific feedback to a manager as to how to develop his/her leadership style

Key issues in a culture survey

The most important issue in a culture survey are the issues to be surveyed. What are the constructs that the questionnaire will enquire about and how is the enquiry done? (These questions are dealt with in the products section.)

The second issue is the technology used to distribute the questionnaire draw conclusions from the data.

The third issue is the whether the data can be rolled up and down – from corporate level through divisions, departments and teams to an individual manager, and the other way round.

The fourth issue is whether the constructs measured and data provided are practical and useful, enabling managers to get a handle on what management practices needs change and how the shift can be achieved.

The Evalex Culture/360 Approach

How does Evalex address these limitations and how does the Evalex methodology work?

The Evalex 360° culture assessment application is one of 11 modules in the Evalex Talent Eco System. Whether you need to do a 360 leadership assessment or a culture survey, this powerful application with sophisticated functionalities will enable and facilitate this process.

In a 360° leadership assessment you gain a panorama of perceptions and views on an individual. For a culture survey, the same software capabilities are required – also a 360° view, but of corporate values rather than leadership competencies. The culture survey is the roll-up of the individual value questionnaire results.

The Evalex Culture/360 module presents you with state-of-the-art questionnaires for both leadership development and culture surveys. See the “products” section for more information on the questionnaires included.

It also allows for an automated approach to managing surveys. A scheduling facility allows you to program assessments to take place at pre-defined date ranges and to collect samples of data rather than surveying everyone in the company.

360 Leadership Assessments

Competencies underscore any HR initiative, including developing a sound corporate culture. One of the ways to develop or nurture a competence or a corporate value is by performing a 360° assessment.

A 360° assessment is a method of systematically collecting opinions about an individual’s performance and behaviour from a wide range of stakeholders. The stakeholders could include their peers or direct reports, their manager, their manager’s peers — along with people outside the organisation, such as customers and suppliers.

The benefit of collecting data of this kind is that an individual gets to see a panorama of perceptions and views from the people they work with, rather than to just have a self-perception.

A 360° assessment therefore affords a more complete picture.

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