e-Recruitment Psychometrics

The e-Recruitment solution and system draws on the full range of psychometric tools specifically Evalex20. For more information on the full range of psychometrics please select Evalex Psychometrics.

However, the unique aspect of the Evalex e-Recruitment system is, unlike most other similar systems, that it includes a competence assessment capability.

In addition to the confluence of an online applicant tracking system with the competence assessment functionality, it is the unique way in which this solution uses psychometric tools.

The hurdling concept operationally means that a candidate will complete the most critical questionnaire first and only when a reasonable job match is found, does the system progress the candidate to the next questionnaire. Upon finding a sufficient job match, the third questionnaire is introduced. The hurdling continues until all hurdles are crossed.

So what is different about this?

Presently, should your company have an assessment battery, all applicants have to complete all the questionnaires, even those who are clearly not suited for the job.

The Evalex solution tracks suitability from the word go and terminates the process should a match not materialise, long before your and the applicant’s time have been wasted in completing superfluous tests.

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