Business Comprehension Test (BCT)

Nature of Questionnaire: A questionnaire querying the respondent comprehension capability across five key cognitive processes. The respondent’s level of comprehension is compared with the level of complexity inherent to the position.

Dimensions: The five cognitive processes assessed are:

  • Abstract reasoning
  • Assimilated understanding
  • Contextual reasoning
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Numeric reasoning

Deliverable: A report indicating performance in each of the five cognitive processes in the form of a bar chart, with descriptions interpreting high and low scores.

Question type: The BCT consists of 50 questions. The respondent needs to read the question, mentally process the information and then choose the one correct answer of five given answers.

Duration: 40 minutes

Application: Very useful where the best of a group of applicants for a position needs to be selected or to ascertain whether a person will be able to deal with the complexity of a given position.

Research: Research conducted in our client companies indicates that the BCT as a cognitive test has a predictive validity (correlation of scores with performance and position level) as high and in some cases higher than the CPP, CPA and CNT.

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