Let’s meet at the 2019 SIOPSA Conference!

The 21st annual SIOPSA Conference will be held at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria between 22 and 24 July 2019. The OMT Group will be well represented and we are all eagerly looking forward to the event.

The theme of this year’s conference is “IOP 4.0 – Ahead of our Time”. (You can view the conference agenda here.)

The SIOPSA theme aligns well with our focus on innovation, access to cutting-edge technology and experience in the use of artificial intelligence in assessment centre methodologies. Evalex and Odyssey will have a strong presence at the event this year, with five presentations and an exhibition stand to showcase our locally developed and integrated assessment solutions.

Hendrik Bronkhorst our MD, will be presenting on “Do assessments really work in selecting the high potential applicant or are we wasting our time? Empirical research showing the effect that algorithms and assessment type have on the return on investment of assessments” on Tuesday, 23July at 10:30 in the Garnet room. Please join us for this fact-based presentation on the ROI of assessments.

Kevin Distiller, our MD for Odyssey, will be part of a round table discussion on gamified assessments. The hype and interest in gamified assessments has reached fever pitch in recent times. This round table discussion will tap into the knowledge and experience of various experts who work with gamified assessments on a daily basis. The discussion will explore why gamified assessments are so popular at present, unpack some of the key legislative and other challenges faced when developing and using these tools, and what the future of gamified assessments will be. The session will take place on Wednesday, 24 July at 10:45 in the Emerald room.

Ramona Naidoo will be presenting a fascinating study completed using our Evalex assessment data on “Multigenerational comparison: understanding tomorrow’s workforce. Alternative: Bridging the gap between the generations of today and the workforce of tomorrow”. this session will take place on Tuesday, 23 July at 13:15 in the Garnet room.

David Bischof, our Director Business Development, will be presenting alongside Natasha Thomas, Group Talent Management and Industrial Psychologist (Africa) for Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, on a joint project completed that focuses on “The changing world of work: A Coca-Cola case study on Building Future Leaders (differently)”. This session will take place on Tuesday 23 July at 13:45 in the Garnet room.

David is also the chairperson for People Assessments in Industry (PAI), an interest group of SIOPSA. He will be facilitating a PAI-hosted session with Assessment Standards South Africa – Assessment review criteria and processes for South Africa: Opportunities for engagement. This session presents the first draft of the ASSA “Test Review Criteria and Process” document with a view to engaging with the audience/stakeholders/members on the utility of these guidelines. Robust debate and discussion will ensure the development of rigorous and relevant procedures for the review of assessments.

Looking forward to seeing all our client and colleagues at this exciting event and please make contact with us to set up a cup of coffee if you will be attending!

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