High Performance Teams

high-perf-teamsWhen you read about and observe winning, high performance businesses you will agree that one of the main ingredients of their success would be multiple high performance teams working together in a seemingly effortless way. In practice, this is not as easy as it sounds. So how do these organisations achieve such a smooth and effective intra-team dynamic? It all starts with finding the right talent.

The first step in any successful teambuilding strategy is to populate your team with talented people. The Evalex Leadership Assessment is the perfect tool to help you achieve this.

Once the team has been constituted with talent, we are able build (or, in some cases, restore) a culture of teamwork using a team performance intervention that facilitates favourable team dynamics and ultimately ensures high performance. The team dynamic workshop is designed and developed by Organisation and Management Technologies and operated under licence in South Africa by Evalex.

Team Performance Workshop

At Evalex we have been developing high performance leaders, teams and companies since 1980. Our exposure to the phenomenon of high performance has allowed us to conceptualise, develop and hone effective processes that have evolved over time based on research and experience.

Whether applied to the individual, the team or the company, the test of time has proven to be effective and impactful.

Team Performance Workshops are one of the ways in which we gather data and teach individuals how to apply the theory of high performance into their specific workplace scenarios.

Team Effectiveness Psychometrics

Team effectiveness is an issue of how the members in a team interact and integrate with each other, much in the way the cogs in a Swiss watch work in a precise movement with each other.

The psychometric tools used in this solution are more team role and interactive style orientated. For more information on these assessment instruments see Evalex Psychometrics.

It is critical for each member of a team to understand the role s/he needs to fulfil in relation to the other team members.

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