e-Recruitment Underlying Principles

What are the issues and challenges when doing high volume recruitment the conventional way?

There are quite a number.

The first and most obvious is the man-hours required to read through and process applicant CV’s. This can be solved by a cloud based applicant tracking system, but even then certain challenges remain.

Apart from automating the application process, most systems available do not incorporate competence assessment capabilities that lead to job-matching and scientific candidate comparisons.

The Evalex solution to e-Recruitment.

In addition to the confluence of an online applicant tracking system with the competence assessment functionality, it is the unique way in which this solution uses psychometric tools.

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Talent Acquisition System

Are you struggling with talent acquisition systems that don’t speak to each other? Are there big gaps in your systems that require time-consuming, costly, manual intervention?

The Evalex Talent Acquisition system is an advanced talent assessment system nested in a cloud-based environment that helps organisations to manage the talent acquisition and assessment process. The system combines talent search, applications, assessments, screening, job-fit evaluation and talent classification into one seamless process.

It helps to create assessments, advertise roles, track applicant success, manage and track agency efficiency and, most importantly, allows candidates to complete assessments for specific roles.

Key Functionalities

Automated assessment choice: Using a proprietary algorithm, the system advises which assessment tools to include in the application process based on the competencies included in the role.

Screening questions: You can set up as many questions as you like to reduce your initial pool of talent.

Agency setup: If you choose to involve agencies in your talent acquisition process, you can define which agencies you will be using. The system automatically communicates with the agencies about vacancies and allows you to manage and track their efficiency and effectiveness.

Customisable activities and sequencing: You can sequence the type and order of assessment instruments, interviews and communications, which will then automatically workflow the applicant through the complete application and assessment experience.

Progressive hurdling capability: Traditionally you would need all applicants to complete an entire battery of assessments. The Evalex e-recruitment system makes use of a hurdling process that ensures each candidate only does as many tests as are required to determine a fit. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques, the revolutionary Evalex hurdling method (part of the Master of Management Programme) ensures that only the most successful applicants go through the full process, reducing time and cost of assessment.

Applicant experience workflow: This feature allows you to manage the candidate through all the stages of the process with no human intervention required. This results in a massive saving in the human resources required to manage it.

Recruiter dashboard: This dashboard provides you with a 360° view of the process from number of hits on the advert, number of candidates who passed the knock-out questions phase, number who passed the first hurdle of assessment, then the number who passed the second hurdle of assessments, list of who to interview, and so forth.


Talent management capability: After the recruitment session has been completed the successful applicants are automatically added to the talent management system. From here you can start managing the rest of the employee’s life cycle, such as development, career path planning, succession planning and talent mapping.

Database mining: All applicants, including their assessment results, remain on the system for you to mine at any future time, allowing you to find previous applicants who may be suitable for new roles.

Added benefits

  • The process seamlessly integrates into the Evalex30 and 40 processes that are already embedded within the culture. It also integrates with the employee life cycle and the rest of the system that allows for better development, career-path planning, succession planning, and talent management and analytics via the tracking of your talent landscape
  • We provide you with the option to use all or some of our psychometrics/technical/cognitive tools. We also make future assessment tools such as the Evalex5 available at no additional cost
  • We always make the latest version of the software available to you. You have direct access to the developers of the system and we can develop new functionalities if required
  • You own the process and have full access to the system, including searching for best candidates, data mining, research modules and all available reports
  • You will be using assessments developed in South Africa, developed for South Africans, taking into account our unique South African challenges
  • We provide an entire range of assessment processes, including assessment centres, psychometric assessments, the unique Evalex Competence Inventory (skills audits), 360° assessments, culture assessments and values assessments

e-Recruitment Psychometrics

The e-Recruitment solution and system draws on the full range of psychometric tools specifically Evalex20. For more information on the full range of psychometrics please select Evalex Psychometrics.

However, the unique aspect of the Evalex e-Recruitment system is, unlike most other similar systems, that it includes a competence assessment capability.

In addition to the confluence of an online applicant tracking system with the competence assessment functionality, it is the unique way in which this solution uses psychometric tools.

The hurdling concept operationally means that a candidate will complete the most critical questionnaire first and only when a reasonable job match is found, does the system progress the candidate to the next questionnaire. Upon finding a sufficient job match, the third questionnaire is introduced. The hurdling continues until all hurdles are crossed.

So what is different about this?

Presently, should your company have an assessment battery, all applicants have to complete all the questionnaires, even those who are clearly not suited for the job.

The Evalex solution tracks suitability from the word go and terminates the process should a match not materialise, long before your and the applicant’s time have been wasted in completing superfluous tests.

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