Balanced Scorecard

The Evalex Perform module uses the balanced scorecard as the philosophy behind managing performance.

The balanced scorecard is a concept and theory that emanated from Kaplan and Norton’s article published in the Harvard Business Review in 1994. Like the Stratified Systems Theory of Elliot Jacques it has stood the test of time and has continued to influence and direct our thoughts and approaches to the assessment of individual performance within organisations.

The balanced scorecard approach is based on the theory of intellectual capital. It departs from a premise that for a manager or leader to add value to the organisation his/her contribution should be measured across four main pillars, namely the creation of financial capital, human capital, client capital and process capital.

Evalex has developed the Evalex Perform application, a module within the larger Evalex Talent Management Eco-System as a solution to the management of corporate performance.

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Evalex Perform

Evalex Perform is one of the modules in the Evalex Talent Ecosystem. It presents an extremely sophisticated and well developed approach to the management of performance within an organisation, based on the balanced scorecard philosophy.

The application intuitively profiles a position in terms of the tasks to be performed, the outputs to be achieved and the competencies required to do so.

Functionalities include creating positions, creating employees, defining tasks/outputs, defining goals, posting progress notes and linking outputs to corporate value drivers.

The system reports on individual performance, team performance and corporate performance. At a high level, Evalex Perform is able to produce a report that lists all the strategic initiatives in your organisation and the progress on each, providing you with a bird’s eye view of your situation at any time.

Performance Reviews and Job Grading

Performance management remains one of the most critical organisational processes required to build high performance companies. The Evalex Perform solution is based on sound theoretical frameworks and research enabled by a sophisticated software application.

The outcome or deliverable of such a solution would be to take the hundreds and thousands of crucial tasks, actions, objectives, projects and deliverables in your organisation, sweep them up and present them back in a most orderly fashion, grouped according to key business drivers, positions, levels of work and individual contribution (job outputs) versus team initiatives (projects) in a dashboard format that eases tracking and reporting.

Evalex Perform enables you to track the performance of key business drivers and, where they are not performing to expectation, lets you drill down into the positions and projects involved to see how each is contributing to the driver. Our sophisticated algorithms provides and a “heat map” for each driver indicating where the underlying tasks are located, who is responsible for delivery and how they are performing. In this way extremely targeted interventions can quickly achieve a turnaround in corporate performance.

Corporate key business drivers are defined, along with outputs and targets for each role, according to the balanced scorecard. Strategic projects are then formulated and the level of each position in your organisation is rated in terms of the levels of work theory. One key outcome of the profiling of each position is a comprehensive job grading structure.

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