Psychology of High Performance

The Evalex theory of high performance is based on extensive and ongoing research into high impact corporate leadership as well as high performance teams, individuals and companies.

5constructsOur research indicates that work performance is the result of five human constructs that form a constellation of traits that culminate in either success or failure. These constellations or patterns of traits within an individual provide us with powerful information as to the typical roles in which the person will be successful, the level/complexity of role at which s/he will be effective, possible inhibitors to performance and development strategies required for growth.

The Evalex High Performance Competence Framework has evolved through years of research into the factors that drive high performance in a company. The five core constructs that drive performance translate into 14 behavioural competencies.

In order for a person to perform effectively in a given position, s/he needs to exhibit competencies in the following domains:


Unique to Evalex Psychometrics is our ability to provide our clients with a fully integrated view of an individual across cognitive ability, personality, work styles, values and interests. We have developed and researched all our psychometric tools ourselves, built them on a similar philosophy and normed them against the same population groups. This level of integration is almost impossible to achieve using tests from different suppliers, based on different philosophies and norm groups, to form an assessment solution.

Evalex Psychometrics consists of a number of carefully chosen assessment instruments based on our research into the drivers of performance in the world of work. These instruments have been in use since the early 1980s and have been well researched, all with best-in-class validity coefficients. The instruments have been registered with the Professional Board for Psychology at the Health Professions Council of South Africa.genericnameBased on an assessment of 68 dimensions, a rich tapestry of patterns and connections influencing how the person functions provides insight into typical roles s/he will succeed in, possible inhibitors, the ideal level of functioning (complexity) as well as development actions for growth.

Evalex Talent Assessment System

Evalex presents one of the most advanced and integrated assessment systems on the market.


The Evalex Talent Assessment system was conceived in 1980 and has evolved over time through research and application. It was first written into a computer application in 1986, with revisions in 1992, then enhanced as an Internet-based assessment tool in 2000, with constant upgrades and expansion. It is now one of the most advanced Internet-based assessment platforms on the market.

What makes the Evalex Talent Assessment System unique and differentiates it from others available on the market is the incorporation of four distinctly different assessment technologies for the assessment of cognitive, behavioural, leadership and technical competencies.

Most other systems focus either on assessing only behavioural competencies or management competencies. They therefore present either ability/personality/styles/motives questionnaires or only assessment centres, but are not strong on providing both or the inclusion of technical competencies.

Four Main Technologies

Evalex is the only assessment platform that integrates four major assessment technologies into one solution, namely:

  • Assessment centre technology
  • Psychometrics
  • The Evalex Competence Inventory (business and technical competencies)
  • Digital animated interactive exercises

Integration of Four Technologies into One Assessment Session


Ours is the only assessment platform where the psychologist can create an integrated assessment session combining six assessment centre simulations/case studies and multiple psychometric tools that the candidate can complete in one online session, providing a totally integrated report across all the tools.

What makes Evalex unique is that, based on years of experience and research, we have developed our own assessment technology consisting of a range of assessment instruments that can assess:

  • Cognitive competencies
  • Leadership competencies
  • Behavioural competencies
  • Business competencies
  • Technical competencies
  • Learning potential

The system can handle the following moments of truth in the assessment value chain:


Evalex Psychometrics

Our psychometrics basket comprises a carefully chosen combination of psychometric instruments to provide high predictive validity solutions.

phycometrics-1Through extensive research we have isolated the key drivers of performance at each level of work and developed psychometric instruments to measure each driver. All psychometric instruments have been developed by OMT and Evalex and are backed up by research to substantiate reliability and validity.

Assessment instruments are integrated into one assessment platform, which includes the IP200 offered in collaboration with Integrity International.

Assessment solutions

We offer a carefully chosen combination of psychometric instruments to provide high predictive validity solutions. Our solutions include a combination of assessment centre instruments, psychometric instruments and technical assessments.

Based on careful research we have developed solutions that we have found to predict performance at the different levels of work. Each level of work requires a different style and personality, a different level of EQ and a different level of cognitive ability and competence. In studying these levels we designed a battery of assessments that predict performance at each level.

Levels and Types of Assessment


For each level of work, a combination of instruments has been included, based on research indicating the drivers of performance at that level.


The power of using assessment tools from one system is the aspect of progression. It is important to note that the assessment tool that you use must be able to “hurdle” you into the next assessment battery as you pass through the employee life cycle.

Let us assume that we have employed an operator. She has completed the Evalex10 and she is performing well. We would like to promote her. Rather than re-assessing her, we merely add two additional questionnaires and she will then have completed the Evalex20. Two years later, if she shows potential for promotion, rather than re-assessing we add the four case studies of the Evalex30. The same applies to moving to the Evalex40.

All of this is done effortlessly and almost automatically in the system. What this means is that over the long term you have a reduction in cost of assessments.

This also has implications for the talent management process. If you use the standard battery of assessments, catering for all levels in the organisation, and all people in the business have completed the same set of assessments, you can compare individuals’ data against multiple benchmarks.

When to use which solution


The Evalex solutions have been designed based on the type of assessment required at each level of work. The competencies driving performance at each level were established through internal research. The competencies to be assessed, in turn, inform what assessment instrument is required.

Evalex5: Work level 0,5: The Odyssey Talent System has been designed exclusively as a one-stop-shop for the assessment of competencies typically required in entry level roles.Odyssey is a suite of six questionnaires assessing the following competencies:

  • English literacy
  • Numerical literacy
  • Work process assimilation and execution
  • Elementary problem solving
  • Clerical efficiency
  • Work speed and productivity
  • Interests
  • Learning Potential

Evalex10: Work level 1,0 to 1,5: At this level we need to find out more about:

  • Cognitive ability at the level of work complexity: Mainly for learning and problem solving
  • The required personality traits for the job
  • Interest in the required work or tasks to be performed, giving an indication of motivation

More info on Evalex10

Work levels 1,5 to 2,0: As these roles start moving into the team leader or technical domains, we need to assess:

  • Cognitive ability at the level of work complexity, mainly for learning and problem solving
  • The required personality traits for the job
  • Interest in the required work or tasks to be performed, which gives an indication of motivation
  • Preferred work styles

More info on Evalex15

Work levels 2,0 to 2,5: As these roles start moving into the junior management and professional domains, we need data on:

  • Cognitive ability at the level of work complexity
  • The required personality traits for the job
  • Interest in the required work or tasks to be performed, which gives an indication of motivation
  • Preferred work styles
  • Business acumen
  • Values

More info on Evalex20

Evalex30 to 40:
Work levels 3,0 to 5,0: As these roles function at middle to senior leadership level, we need to assess:

  • Cognitive ability at the level of work complexity
  • Management style issues: The required personality traits, interest in the required work or tasks to be performed, preferred work styles, business acumen and values
  • Leadership competencies
  • Thought leadership
  • Emotional maturity

More info on Evalex30 to Evalex40

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