Assess Cognition

Based on established cognitive frameworks, we use the Evalex Assess system with three potential products: the Business Comprehension Test, Decision Effectiveness Simulation and the Organisation Insight Scale.




Evalex offers three solutions to the assessment of cognitive functioning: the Business Comprehension Test (BCT), the Organisation Insight Scale (OIS) and the Decision Effectiveness Simulation.



Evalex Talent Assessment System

Evalex offers one of the most advanced and integrated assessment systems on the market.


Business Acumen: Organisation Insight Scale (OIS)

OIS is a questionnaire that assesses business acumen across eight aspects of business organisation, including marketing, sales, human resources, technology and operations.


Cognitive Functioning: Business Comprehension Test

BCT interrogates comprehension capability across five key cognitive processes, comparing an individual’s comprehension levels with the level of complexity inherent in a given position.


Decision Effectiveness

Evalex Decision Effectiveness is an instrument carefully designed to assess and evaluate the cognitive processes involved in problem analysis and decision making that combine to determine decision effectiveness.

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