Leadership Assessments

The Evalex Leadership Assessment is one of the most advanced and comprehensive solutions on the market, comprising of 6 Assessment Centre simulations and 7 Psychometric questionnaires. Three options are available Evalex30, Evalex35 and Evalex40.





Evalex Leadership Framework

The Evalex Leadership Framework is one of the most carefully considered and researched frameworks available to organisations today. We present two frameworks. One assessed through Assessment centres and Psychometrics and the second through 360 surveys. The difference is that the first is an actual objective competence assessment benchmarked against other managers whilst the 360 collects other’s opinions of the competencies they have observed, but then subjectively benchmarked against their own understanding of what leadership is.



Evalex Talent Assessment System

Evalex offers one of the most advanced and integrated assessment systems on the market.


Evalex Business Simulation

EBS is an online, cloud-based assessment centre that puts candidates through their paces in six management simulations to assess management competence, emotional maturity and thought leadership.


Evalex Psychometrics

Our psychometrics basket comprises a carefully chosen combination of psychometric instruments to provide high predictive validity solutions.

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